Pumpkins – 2018

My friend, Glenn, said, “You need to grow some pumpkins on that acre of ground. They do real well here in Hancock County!” So, assuming that Glenn knew what he was talking about–after all, he is a seed and feed merchant in our community, I set about learning what would be involved in growing pumpkins. I learned that early July is the optimal time for planting here in central Indiana. I learned that seeds can run as high as $25-30 per pound–some varieties even more. I also learned that my wife had dried some seeds from her favorite pie pumpkin that we purchased last fall from the local orchard. The Cinderella Pie Pumplin! Oh, such delicious pies! And she had about 900 seeds!

On July 4, I hooked the potato hilling plow to my 1951 Ford 8N tractor. It was time to make the pumpkin “hills”! Since it was the Fourth of July, I could not help but mount Ole Glory on the plow and let her blow in the breeze as the Ford¬†8N made the mounds. Enjoy the video! And be grateful to God that we live in a country that represents freedom, truth, integrity, and honesty! Those are virtues that our country needs to cultivate along with our “pumpkin patches!”¬† —ray